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Epic fail is epic.

((current status = fail Anon is fail)) I realize I haven’t posted in quite some time, and in fact, I shouldn’t be posting now–I should be finishing up a round of essays. I realize I am long overdue for posting … Continue reading

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We can’t teach them if we don’t know where they’re coming from.

((current status = furious at the higher-ups, but the kids were wonderful)) There seems to be an unspoken law, at my nonprofit organization at least, that as the kids grow more and more chill, engaged, and cooperative, the higher-ups grow … Continue reading

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Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

((current status = well, I have something new to feel anxious about: I was accepted to present at Purdue’s 2010 conference on Graphic Engagement. I’m interpreting as an excuse to rewatch Gurren Lagann. But god I hate public speaking and … Continue reading

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First blood.

((current status = tenderness near the inside corner of my left eye but the cut has closed and anyway my glasses more or less hide the scab)) Wednesday was my first day with the rising 9th grade (the students who … Continue reading

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((current status = in severe pain + reworking lesson plans because they had me working off details for the wrong class. But I finally beat Dirge of Cerberus so maybe that makes it all okay?)) Despite being back from vacation … Continue reading

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The glass isn’t bulletproof.

((current status = hear that? It’s the sound of my rationality flying out the window.)) Last Wednesday, there was a shoot-out at our site. A few coworkers, kids, and I had entered the center. I was starting to help a … Continue reading

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Email etiquette: I like you, but I’m not your friend.

((current status = lesson planning for HCZ and marveling at the state of my apartment, which is slowly becoming unable to support human life)) Email etiquette, particularly when students are emailing their professors, is more of an issue than you … Continue reading

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