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The view from the anonymous room.

((current status = wondering why people can’t 1. rationally explain their thoughts in as much detail as necessary for a reader to gain nuanced understanding of the subject and/or opinion, and 2. for the love of god, qualify your sweeping … Continue reading

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Row, row, fight the powah follow-up.

((current status = still reeling from Wednesday’s shoot-out and trying to figure out the best approach to this Gurren Lagann paper. CFP deadline: June 14. Amount of research I’ve done thus far: nothing. Talk about awesome.)) Today I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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Row, row, fight the powah.

((current status = almost fully recovered and running late to pick up final portfolios, which I am really not looking forward to)) If you aren’t an Internet troll/Gurren Lagann fan, you have no idea what that means, so let me … Continue reading

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Repost day: [insert witty/profound song lyric here]

((current status = well enough to sit upright for prolonged periods of time, too sick to do much else)) I’ve finished my essays and am dreading final portfolio day; thus, I’m spending a slow weekend in bed, trying to sleep … Continue reading

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Thinking exercises to bookend the semester.

Music video lesson + Playlist lesson = happy, engaged students + happy, energetic instructor. The music video lesson would be a great one to plan for an observation day as well as an opening class activity. Continue reading

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Avatars, memes, macros & still not doing my grading.

ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! or, simply translated, a few thoughts on Internet macros, memes, avatars, & other thoughts “preventing” me from doing my work. Continue reading

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Adjuncting 101: Course Expectations.

For course guidelines, objectives, and expectations, please read the course policy and syllabus I’ve just passed out. I’m not going to waste class time going over it in detail. Instead, get out a clean sheet of paper and a pen and tell me this: If astronauts and cavemen got into a fight, who would win? Be sure to establish warrants and evidence to back up your claim. Continue reading

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