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The view from the anonymous room.

((current status = wondering why people can’t 1. rationally explain their thoughts in as much detail as necessary for a reader to gain nuanced understanding of the subject and/or opinion, and 2. for the love of god, qualify your sweeping … Continue reading

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((current status = in severe pain + reworking lesson plans because they had me working off details for the wrong class. But I finally beat Dirge of Cerberus so maybe that makes it all okay?)) Despite being back from vacation … Continue reading

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Vacation: how are we supposed to actually turn off?

((current status = on vacation for the first time in 2-3 years, in a beautiful old house in the Catskills with gorgeous furniture, 3 offices, and a giant flower and vegetable garden… so why can’t I fully turn off?)) As … Continue reading

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The glass isn’t bulletproof.

((current status = hear that? It’s the sound of my rationality flying out the window.)) Last Wednesday, there was a shoot-out at our site. A few coworkers, kids, and I had entered the center. I was starting to help a … Continue reading

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