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Row, row, fight the powah follow-up.

((current status = still reeling from Wednesday’s shoot-out and trying to figure out the best approach to this Gurren Lagann paper. CFP deadline: June 14. Amount of research I’ve done thus far: nothing. Talk about awesome.)) Today I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, adjuncts were treated fairly. Except that we never were.

((current status = raging against the machine. That is, the academic hiring machine. Yeah. I just went there.)) I’d read “Confessions of a Tenured Professor” in Inside Higher Ed a while back, but it left me too incensed to coherently … Continue reading

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Email etiquette: I like you, but I’m not your friend.

((current status = lesson planning for HCZ and marveling at the state of my apartment, which is slowly becoming unable to support human life)) Email etiquette, particularly when students are emailing their professors, is more of an issue than you … Continue reading

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We analyze things every day. Seriously.

((current status = if you go deep enough into the grading cave you’ll discover that it isn’t a cave at all, but the dank maw of a giant carnivorous beast. I’ve just hit the tonsils and am hanging on for … Continue reading

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Repost day: ‘Autobiography of Red’

((current status = sequestered in the grading cave)) Since I have zero time available to draft a full post right now (though I have plenty of lolpaper thoughts and thinking exercises percolating in my brain), have a repost. This one … Continue reading

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Abolishing grades: a pipe-dream that could come true (?)

((current status = boy, am I screwed on my grading)) Which is why, of course, I’m blogging right now. Expect a “WTF Retrospective” post later on the strange and hilarious items I’ve encountered in student papers since I began teaching. … Continue reading

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“We are like the dust of history being blown away.”

((current status = my life is moving, and I’m not in it)) When I start thinking about genocide and/or war, I go to the images first. Maybe this is so I can feel as though I’ve survived something. Reading the … Continue reading

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